The Twitter Acquisition
@Beisance/October 30th, 2022 9:00 am

After a lot of drama, the Twitter acquisition by Elon Musk has gone through, for circa $44 billion. Everyone I know believes this was a profoundly serious overpayment. A camp also believes that Twitter’s pre-acquisition management has delivered phenomenal value to its shareholders, while another believes they have under-delivered with respect to the growth of the platform.

We received an approach from a participating investor prior to the acquisition’s completion, to invest in the acquisition, but we did not. This was due to the whole drama around the process and our fundamental believe that the acquisition was severely mispriced. We do acknowledge that the deal was inked before the post-COVID-19 related downturn.

In the coming days, I believe that Elon and his co-investors will be looking to maximize this acquisition by changing Twitter’s operational formula. This will no doubt mean that existing prices will see increases. Other services that are currently free might also become paid services.

Twitter is one of those web services that is indispensable to us here at Beisance, especially TweetDeck. So, we will be watching developments here closely. It is our hope that those who have acquired Twitter will be able to make an even greater success of the platform, for investors and users alike.

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