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@Beisance/November 2nd, 2022 10:27 am

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The gut wrenching changes Elon’s pushing at Twitter…why couldn’t the previous management do it? I mean, just axe everything that does not make sense, raise prices if better value can be offered, fix the bots issue, then expand into adjacent spaces? Why was this so hard?

As recent as 5 years ago, it was obvious that Twitter was not going to be able to grow by staying just as a micro-blogging site and become very profitable.

Longer form content sites were growing [although not profitable]. Video based content was growing. Other UGC [user generated content] sites were growing… I mean, even boring old YouTube was growing…?

I firmly believe that unproductive assets should be transferred to new shepherds who can make them work. And if those new shepherds can’t, then another, and another, until the full potential of the said assets are realised. If done well, the society will most likely be better off.

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