The Firm

Beisance is building the world by providing technology, capital, expertise and infrastructure for a global economy. Our goal is to solve some of the complex problems that the world faces, from simple starting points. We are headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, with branches in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.


Products/services offered vary by country due to licensing.


Intelix is Beisance’s information technology driven media service. It was started in May 2016 as a service to connect decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas.

Intelix currently delivers business and financial information, news and insights from around the world. Our goal with Intelix is to become the most valuable & successful information technology driven media service in the World.

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To visit the Intelix website for more information click here.


ARK is a Connect Group service we’ve just started running, beginning with a group based in the United Arab Emirates.

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To visit the ARK website for more information click here.

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